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how to find good hair wholesale vendors

human hair vendor factory

Hair wholesale vendors are the first thing you should solve If you are trying to find a long-term reliable hair factories for you wholesale business, you are absolutely want to find good hair vendors to start a business. But there are thousands of hair suppliers offering various hair qualities, how could you found the best one at a very competitive price with premium quality is apparently becomes very important . in this article, I will teach you how to find hair wholesale vendors step by step.

A good human hair supplier is a firm and basic support for your success, and many small business will search human hair supplier near me to find a local one to start, but the shipping is so fast that 3-7 days shipping time worldwide with DHL and other commercial Express make it possible to find a direct human hair factory from China. Because when you directly buy from a hair factory, your hair price will be much cheaper than you get from local market, which could bring your price advantage and hence your profits. By this way you can compare the quality and establish a long relationship with your partners and run your own business smoothly.

First, know the hair grade and choose the hair grade you want

There are generally three hair grades on human hair which are virgin human hair, remy human hair and non-remy human hair.

Virgin human hair: 

virgin human hair

it basically refers to hair braids from one hair donor which mean this hair is directly cut from one person. In this way, the hair roots are stays in one direction and the ends of the hair are stays in the opposite direction. Check the following picture. So we can know that virgin hair has three obvious advantages:

  1. The top thickness and the bottom thickness are very close which means the thickness is very good, but a good thickness hair does not guarantee virgin human hair, because when the length of the hair is close, the thickness of the hair will be good.
  2. Relatively tangle free and smooth. the surface of the hair are covered by cuticles which protect the inner hair. This cuticles are like scales of a fish, if the cuticles are not in the same direction, then it will likely to get tangles and not that smooth. But tangle free and smooth hair could not be guaranteed virgin human hair. Because if you put the hair into acid, the cuticle will be damaged and it will also become smooth and relatively tangle free. See the following picture  
    human hair cuticles
    3.No need to going through acid bath and long life span . for its tangle free and smooth features, the virgin human hair need not going through the acid process, in this way, the cuticles are preserved well, which could extend the life span of the human hair.

You can search wholesale on virgin human hair or directly contact us ziling hair for virgin human hair wholesale at help@zilinghair.com if you want wholesale price on virgin human hair products including wigs, bundles with closure, hair pieces and other products.

remy human hair

remy human hair also called cuticle aligned human hair which refers to the human hair material may not from one person and the roots and ends are not in the same direction at first, but was selected by person or machine to make the cuticles in the same direction. Remy human hair should guarantee 97% of the human hair cuticles are in the same direction. And remy human hair is the most popular hair now. Because virgin human hair are expensive and there are not so many virgin human hair even some sellers claimed their products are virgin human hair while they are not. There are three main features of remy human hair.

  1. Relative cheap price. Compared with same quality virgin human hair, remy human hair will be a little cheaper for it is not 100% cuticle aligned hair. But remy hair is very close to virgin hair on other aspects and most of companies are selling this kind of human hair which means it is really very popular.
  2. Relative tangle free. Nobody could guarantee absolutely tangle free of any human hair. Imagine that your own hair without washing for weeks, will it tangle ? the hair will get tangled when the human hair become dirt and dry, so human hair care is very important, no even to say these hair is not nourished.
  3. Light acid process and relative long life span.Because the cuticles are almost point to the same direction, only very light acid process to make the hair clear is necessary. So the outer protection of the cuticles are not damaged which could make it last a relatively long life time. In addition, hair with light and without acid process will be more healthy and without bad smell.

If you are seeking for remy human hair wholesale vendors , you can also contact our factory to check the better price on remy human hair products.

Non-remy hair

Non remy hair refers to human hair with roots and ends not in the same directions which means the hair are messy up with their cuticles not aligned, this human hair must going through acid bath which would damage their outer protection cuticles. Only in this way can you make sure the hair touches smooth and tangle free that’s why I emphasis that smooth hair could not guarantee virgin hair. Now lets check the features of non-remy human hair.  

  1. Cheap price, you need not do extra job to make the cuticles aligned and this saves cost on these hairs. for those consumer with a tight budget, non remy human hair is a good choice.
  2. Smooth and tangle free. With the outer cuticles are damaged, the hair surface will become smooth and tangle free, this is because there is no scales outside any more.
  3. Short life span. Remember that, the hair without protection will certainly have a short life span. But if with proper care over a half year life time is no problem.

A non-remy hair product with proper care may last longer than a virgin human hair product, this depends on may factors like beaching, dying and restyling. Because every thing you do to the hair may damage the hair cuticles and this is why some people complain virgin hair have a shorter life. When you damage the hair cuticles, your virgin hair quality becomes the same of non remy hair quality. So we suggest you choose exactly the hair you like instead of DIY if you are not professional. Want to find a non remy hair wholesale supplier, contact us for price.

Second, choose hair products you want

To start your hair business, I believe you have had an idea you in you mind what kinds of hair products you want to deal with. Wigs ? bundles with closures? Or hair pieces?

Whosale Human hair wigs

There are many human hair wigs made from our factory from machine made to hand-tied lace wigs, there must be one that fit your wig wholesale business well.

  1. Machine made human hair wigs.  
    human hair wig inner net

 Machine made wigs are generally short and cheap wigs which are hair bundles sewed in an elastic cap. There are mainly classic styles like bob wigs which is very popular with black women and Caucasians. For machine made wigs, it’s very easy to install and take off, so it’s a best choice for those who do not want to spend time on lace wigs while willing to take three minutes to install a machine made wigs.

  1. Lace human hair wigs. 
    human hair lace wigs

There are many style of lace wigs according to the lace cap size. And the effect of lace is to make a natural hairline. So there are lace closure wigs including 4x4 lace closure wigs, 5x5 lace closure wigs and 6x6 lace closure wigs, lace font wigs including 13x4 lace front wig and 13x6 lace front wigs, 360 lace frontal wigs, and full lace wigs. With a larger lace size , you have more space to make your natural hairline and up-dos. Because the hair on the lace are all hand-tied, so the lace wigs will cost more labor and will be more expensive. But compared a natural hairline and DIY your favorite hair style will worthy every pence you spend.

  1. Half human hair wigs. 
    halo half human hair wigs

Half human hair wigs are becoming popular these days which are called halo human hair wigs. There are most U shape which you can fill your own hair in the empty U part which makes the wigs seems more vivid and real. Most half wigs are machine made because the user will use her own hair to make hairline.

  1. Colored human hair wigs 
    colored human hair lace wigs

Colored human hair wigs refers to not ordinary but bright color wigs like red, yellow, pink and purple human hair wigs which are favored by some part of people. Though the demand quantity is not so many, but it is indeed required by some color lover. Ziling hair have a series of colored human hair lace wigs for you collection with very cheap price.

If you are seeking for a human hair wig supplier, you can try our ziling hair brands and check the quality and price. But you should take the human hair length and density into consideration.

Wholesale Human hair bundles with closures 

human hair bundles with closures wholesale

Human hair bundles with closures are still popular these days because there are so many people are making their own wigs. Compared with a wig from seller, a DIY wig may fit more accurately. Because you can choose a larger cap size and control the density as you like. A lace closure is often sold together with these bundles for it’s a necessary part for making a lace wigs.

Ziling hair offer wholesale price for small business on human hair bundles with closures with premium quality and competitive price.

Wholesale Human hair pieces

human hair pieces wholesale

Human hair pieces mainly refers to human hair ponytails and clips in human hair extensions which are very easy to install and change your looks instantly. Compared with a human hair wigs, a hairpiece is much more cheaper.

  1. Human hair ponytails

The most popular human ponytails is drawstring ponytail for the drawstring is very easy to install. So nearly all the pony tails are made this way. Apart from drawstring ponytails, claw and wrap ponytail are also available.

  1. Clips in human hair extensions.

Clips in human hair extensions is very popular for adding hair volume if you have a thin hair. This often have 7 sets human hair clips which install in the different place of the head to make the hair looks fuller and longer. Curly, straight and wave texture are popular ones.

want to find human hair piece vendors? Contact us for more information.

Wholesale human hair products for Caucasians 

Caucasians human hair wholesale

Apart from human hair for African Americans, Caucasian human hair like wigs and extension are also within our business scope.

Compared with lace closure wigs, full lace human hair wigs for Caucasians are more popular, because people want to have more possibility for creating DIY up-dos on their heads and full lace wigs just fits this needs. For Caucasian human hair products,black, brown, reddish, blonde (613) and burg are the most popular colors. For these bright colors which are must dyed from those premium human hair material that are not dyed before, we must select carefully. So generally speaking these human hair are more expensive.


Why you should choose us?

large human hair stock
  1. 20 years human hair making experience, skilled staff with very good craftsmanship.
  2. Factory direct sale with very good price. We are a integration of industry and trade which allows us offer our clients cheap factory price.
  3. True to length and quality. This is very important, you will always find that you buy the hair with a lower price but when you receive the parcel, neither the length nor the hair grade is not the one your choose, because nobody would doing business losing money, so the very low price will causing many problems.
  4. Cheap Express shipping. We have closely worked with many Express companies like DHL, TNT, GES, UPS and USPS which could offer us a low price while we are sending thousands of parcel every month, we offer this low price for your clients like you, that’s why we could offer a better price.
  5. Large stock. We have a lot of human hair products in stock, for the common products like bundles with closures and human hair wigs, we can send your order within 48 hours, and custom made orders will also arranged within a short time.