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How to care a human hair wig

 As Ziling Hair sells more and more human hair wigs, many clients ask how to care their wigs, in order to keep your human hair wigs in good condition and keep the wave or curly in its beautiful look, following instructions is very necessary for your reference.

1.How to wash your human hair wigs?

Before washing a wig, we should keep this wig tangle free, so we really need use our fingers or  a wide-tooth comb to remove the tangles from the roots to the ends, work it slowly in order not damage the hair. Depends on the frequency you use the wig, wash and maintain the wig once every two month is a good choice.

By washing the wig, we should keep in mind the following instruction.

Using running cold water instead of hot water to clean the wig

Apply  mild shampoo cause this will not damage the cuticles on the hair.

Using your hand or with-tooth comb to rinse to comb the shampoo from root to ends do not squeeze the hair.

Clean the shampoo with mild or lukewarm water

Dry the human hair wig with a towel slowly

2.How to condition your human hair wig

Fetch a small mount of hair conditions, apply them to your hand and work them gently into the hair. Remember do not apply the condition to the base of the lace base which could cause the shedding of hair. Leave the conditioner in the hair for about 2-4 minutes and then clean them by putting them down the running water until the water becomes clear. You can also dry the hair with a dry towel too.

3.How to store your human hair wig

In order to extend the life span of your human hair, you need to store them in the shady and cool place instead of exposed under sunshine, when you are not using the wigs, you’d better store them on a wig hanger with a bag to keep them clean and the curls in its original state. If you press the curls by putting them between stuff, you may destroy its texture.

  1. how to style your human hair wig

After using the wig for sometime, many people may want to change the color and style of the wig. Imagine that we always do your hair, your hair quality will become worse than before, so does the human hair wigs. Each time you color and style it , its life span will shorten then. We do not suggest your bleach or dye the color by yourself instead of hand them over to your professional stylist. And also, hair could dye darker color easily and light color may destroy the hair.