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20 questions on human hair wigs

Q1:What is the density of human hair wigs?

A1: general density is 130% and 150%, actually I think 150% is thick enough, but there also 180% and 250% density.

Q2: Can you bleach the wig?

A2: of course, you can do it, but we suggest you use your makeups to make it close to you skin color, because you may bleach the color excessively.

Q3:how big is the cap?

  A3: It’s average standard size but it will fits bcoz it has adjustable straps expect that you head is especially large.

  Q4: Please my order come today, what will happen to the lace front? Will i put it inside or cut it off?

  A4: if you want it look natural, cut it off.

  Q5:I want to wear it EVERYDAY. Would it last long term? And how is the shedding?

  A5: Its life span depends on the frequency you use and the maintenance you do, slight shedding is inevitable but lots shedding is quality problem.

  Q6: whats the lace size and how should I choose lace size

  A6: there are generally (lace closure 4*4, 5*5), (lace front 13*4, 16*6), 360 lace frontal, and full lace wigs, choose the lace size according to your needs, if you just want a hairline, lace closure wig is ok, if you want do hair style on the forehead part, choose lace front wig, and if you want to do ponytails front and back 360 frontal lace and full lace wig is the must choice. Actually, the effect of lace is to make the hairline natural like your hairline wherever you up do your hair like ponytails.

  Q7: Whats the color of lace?

 A: there are medium brown, light brown and transparent, choose the color close to your skin, but you can also bleach the color or color it use your makeups.

 Q8: Can I bleach the hair?

 A: of course you can , but we suggest you’d better not, if you really want to do hand it over to your professional stylist and remember every time you treat your hair will cut down its life span as you will damage the protective cuticle.

 Q9:Can you do different hairstyles with it? Can you straighten it?

 A9:absolutely yes, you can do your favorite style, and you can straighten it, but this also shorten its life span.

 Q10: What is a good length if I want it long but not too long? like a medium length but definitely past my shoulders?

 A10: length also depends on the hair texture, but according to your description, 18 and 20 inch fits best.

 Q11: Is it virgin hair with all cuticles or just remy human hair?

 A11: virgin hair and remy hair , non-remy hair are going trough chemical process like acid bath, so part of cuticle be damaged.

 Q12: what is a glueless wig?

 A12:A glueless wig is made up of adjustable straps in the back and a ribbon in front which runs along the perimeter of the hairline They are safer to use and easy to wear for hours. The best part is that they are harmless and one can remove it with ease without causing any mess to your natural hairs.

 Q13: How long did hair take to reach United States? 

 A14: Generally to the main country like US, UK, AU, FR, GE, BR, MEX and more countries, it usually take 3-5 working days, but due to cov-19, this shipping speed depends on the airplane, recently, the average time is 10 days.

Q14:What is the front wig vs the closure wig? Someone assist please!

A14: font wig mainly refer to 13*4 and 13*6 lace wig, while closure wig mainly refers to 4*4, 5*5 and 6*6 lace wigs.

Q15: Do you have to bleach the knots & pluck when you receive this hair?

A15: it’s up to you, you can do all that things.

Q16: Which is fast? Order from US or China?

A16: I have tried the both, the time is more the less the same(3-5 days), shipping from China using DHL while order from US by USPS, I think DHL service is better.

Q17:Will I be able to make a side part with these wig ?

A:17: yes, you could make any side part on the lace with these wig. With the help of lace , the hairline is nature.

Q18: Is the hair true to length and is the hair thick?

A18: yes , the hair is true to length and and the ends are thick as expected.

Q19:Why the price is a little higher than some vendor?

A19:You must guarantee the material is the same, the length is true to length, and the ends is relatively thick.

Q20:Does this wig matte and dread?

A20:No I’ve been wearing it for over a month now. I’ve washed 5 times and co washed twice. Great QUALITY